Welcome and thank you for taking time to look through my website. I know that you have already made the commitment to yourself to make changes in your life so this is the beginning of your journey. Coaching provides you the enlightenment and encouragement to move forward positively into a more fulfilling way of life. Empowering you to meet and exceed your goals in life be it personal or professional. Do you believe there is something holding you back from having the life you want? I am here as your Life Coach and can help you make these changes.


I have a passion for helping people. My career has been in the Customer Service sector over varied industries. Following several life changing events and another redundancy on the horizon, I knew I needed to take control. This is where my coaching journey began, shaping my future for the better in every aspect. I made changes that would empower me, enrich my life and allow me to fulfil my purpose of helping others.

I studied the Accredited Diploma in Coach Training (ADCT) and received regular coaching, which helped greatly with my own development. Being able to learn from others and working with the tools and techniques of coaching has allowed me to make full use of my life skills and personality. During my studies I also became curious about language and how we can use it to maximise our thought processes both consciously and unconsciously. I was introduced to Neuro-Linguistic Programming and have since become a Licensed NLP Practitioner. NLP has been hugely beneficial not only in my coaching career but life in general.

My interests: 

Equine, Country Sports, Travel, Mud runs, Boot-camp, Running, Zumba, Gym and generally always up for a challenge and keeping fit. 

I am a Volunteer with West Sussex County Council Youth Offending Service and a Part-time Support Worker, helping people with learning disabilities, dementia and Autism live independently in the community.